• Who is my brother 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Sermon held at Alexandria entitled, "Who is my brother".
    • Who understands? 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      A contemplation of the increasing confusion that surfaced at ANC, SACP conferences about how to go about their respective missions “to deliver South Africa from the evils of capitalism and imperialism”; examines the failure ...
    • Who wants war 

      Britons Publishing Society (London : Britons Publishing Society, 1936-06)
    • Who was right : the annual sermon on our cowardly war 

      Aked, Charles Frederic, 1864- (Liverpool : Egerton Smith & Co., 1901-12-22)
      Sermon on "Our cowardly war", preached on Peace Sunday, December 22nd, 1901, by Charles Frederic Aked, Minister of Pembroke Chapel, Liverpool.
    • Who will control the (business) organisation of the future - in South Africa 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Paper presented at Rhodes University Commerce Week in Grahamstown.
    • Why I am a pro-Boer 

      Davidson, John Morrison (London : John Dicks, 1902)
      Reprinted from: "Reynolds’s Newspaper".
    • Why I believe voters should support the PFP on April 29 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010; Du Plessis, Deon
      As part of their election coverage, the Sunday Tribune plans to publish the views of the four major party leaders in South Africa; requests answers to questions about five issues. The article regarding the South African ...
    • Why we loathe this war 

      Hopps, John Page, 1834-1911 (South Croydon : John Page Hopps, 1900)
      John Page Hopps's reasons why they detest the Anglo-Boer War.
    • Why you should support the PFP 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Article about why you should support the PFP. Senior assistant editor, Wilf Nussey puts 10 questions to FVZS about the PFP’s policy, to assist voters in the forthcoming election. Attached are the questions and answers.
    • Wie bou jou huis? 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Parents day sermon held at Irene entitled, "Who builds your house?".
    • Wie die heldenhaften Briten mit den frechen Buren stritten 

      Bernhard, E. (Leipzig : Ficker, 1900)
      German cartoons on the Anglo-Boer War.
    • Wie en wat is “Die Afrikaner” 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Article written by F. van Zyl Slabbert on who and what the "Afrikaner" is.
    • Wie gryp kry 'n handvol : 'n kabaretkeur uit die werk van Hennie Aucamp 

      Aucamp, Hennie, 1934-2014
      A selection of cabaret pieces. Includes additional documents, such as music, lyrics, programme of a cabaret symposium at Stellenbosch University and photographs.
    • Wie is my naaste? 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Sermon held at Aasvoëlkop entitled, "Who is my neighbor?".
    • Wie is waardig? 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Sermon held at Potchefstroom entitled, "Who is worthy?".
    • Wie is ’n held? 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Two papers on South African heroes, focusing on former presidents MT Steyn and Paul Kruger. Delivered at Heroes day celebrations, Bloemfontein, 10 October 1947.
    • Wie sal ek stuur? 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Sermon held at Loxton entitled, "Who will I send?".
    • Wil van die Here en verwildering van mense 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Sermon held at Eersterus entitled, "Will of the Lord and disturbance of people".
    • Wilgenhof 

      Unknown author
      Sepia group photograph depicting students from Wilgenhof residence.
    • Wilgenhof House Committee, 1983 

      Foto Studio Lockley (Firm)
      Black and white photograph depicting the Wilgenhof house committee.