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  • Year planning and activities 

    South African Jewish Music Centre (SAJMC)
    South African Jewish Music Centre year planning and activities.
  • The world of music 

    Witzleben, J. Lawrence
    Notes by Fay Singer accompanying an excerpt of an article on musical systems and inter genre relationships in Hong Kong by J. Lawrence Witzleben, from the journal, 'The world of music' of March 2000.
  • Voices of Israel 

    Singer, Fay
    Music exercises for 'Voices of Israel'.
  • UCT collection of music 

    South African Jewish Music Centre (SAJMC)
    List of sources for the UCT SA College of Music librarian.
  • Ot Azoy : song list 

    Singer, Fay
    Ot Azoy: Song list for 19 and 20 August 2008.

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